ENOVA is an environment that integrates modular applications and systems to manage the entire life cycle of a learning experience.
It allows for a centralized control of the human, physical and technological resources necessary for a comprehensive learning experience that allows institutions, companies and organizations to gather all the information necessary to make decisions for the benefit of its users.


  • Comprehensively manages the resources applied to teaching.
    • Integrates new components in a modular and transparent way.
    • Optimizes the return on investment by identifying the use of resources.
    • Monitors all layers of service of an educational solution.
    • Generates reports and executive boards aligned to key performance indicators.
    • Evaluates the impact of digital educational content.
    • Follow up and attention to incidents.


It measures in real time the efficiency indicators of each project and solves the daily administrative and operational challenges.
Mako® manages 155 centers that have taught up to 17,969 million class hours per year up to 2017.