Jaguar, a winning warrior / October 2017

Inspired by pre-Hispanic cultures, a jaguar warrior had to go through many challenges to return to the world of the living. This is the premise of the video game that ENOVA developed. The aim is to entertain and educate its users.

In 2012, Jaguar competed against 1,010 video games from 16 different countries in the Japanese Square Enix contest in Latin America and won the first place. The development in 3D mixes the classic adventure game with mini challenges.

The game complemented a unique style with graphic elements of the pre-Columbian cultures, predominant in Mexico such as the Aztec and Mayan, and a main character that enchants any player, the classic warrior representative of the upper classes of these cultures, which showed his courage dressed in the skin of a jaguar.

This is how Jaguar looks like:

Winning this digital entertainment award by ENOVA represents a source of pride for its developers and for the members of the entire team. It not only shows details of the Mexican culture but also puts the company on the map of international development of video games.

Have you already played it?