Boosting Women / October 2017

The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women in collaboration with the Mexican e-learning company (education and training through internet) will bring to Mexico the Road to Growth Program. This program awards scholarships for women entrepreneurs, with the intention of helping them to acquire more and better tools for the growth of their companies.

The foundation was created in 2008 by Cherie Blair, wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Its main objective is to help women in emerging markets to create and develop their own businesses, taking into account that an economic security provides them with a most influential voice in terms of injustice and discrimination.

The project will benefit 500 Mexican women, owners of Small Mexican Enterprises (SME), with a series of workshops and conferences that include education and mentoring, under a blended learning method, that is, a combination of traditional teaching with digital media, with an approximate value of more of 30K MX pesos.

The objective is to empower the awardees to obtain financial independence, through access to financial services and markets. The long term purpose is that they achieve an orderly, sustainable growth and good finances within their businesses.

Women who are part of this program will develop skills such as leadership, negotiation, empathy, communication, conflict resolution, critical and creative thinking, personnel management, collaborative work, emotional intelligence, decision making, service orientation and cognitive flexibility.

How does it work?

Mentoring will be divided into two phases in which the participants will develop their skills. In the first phase, the 500 candidates will be selected. In the second phase, additional 100 entrepreneur women will be chosen. This later group will be separated from the first one to work on specific skills such as: to be a better leader, how to reach more customers and how to manage a business without friction. In fact, some entrepreneurs may present their personalized projects to investors.”As allies of the Cherie Blair Foundation, we, at Be School, firmly believe in the importance of empowering Mexican women, not only to create equal business opportunities. It is known, thanks to studies such as the Four Factors that predict Startup Success, or One That Does not, written in Harvard, that companies founded by women perform better than 100% male teams. This represents a great opportunity and a great commitment”, said Pilar Marroquín, leader and spokesperson for the project in Mexico.

Who can apply?

1. Those women who act as CEOs, presidents, general managers or any other executive position.

2. Manage a team from 3 to 49 employees.

3. Generate annual income between 250K to five million MX pesos.

4. Feel a strong desire and commitment to make their companies grow.

5. Have a computer or tablet with internet access.   Lessons and workshops will be delivered completely free of charge in Mexico City. Participants must cover their transfer costs. Registration is free and applications will be received until November 17, 2017 at 6:00 p.m.   The scholarship will work as a support for 500 women entrepreneurs through a two-stage approach. The mentors will give on-site workshops and online classes for six weeks from 15 January to March 2018.