Content factory

We create interactive, didactic, functional and fun educational content in different formats for institutions, organizations and companies.
We develop training contents for companies that seek to innovate in the learning of their collaborators.
Our specialties are:


– Communication
Strategies to inform and establish contact with students, facilitators and members of an organization.

– Graphic design
Editorial design, Web design, interface design for applications and illustration.

– Audio
Incidental sound, music, dubbing and special effects.

– Video
Production and postproduction


– Instructional design
Design of educational strategies with technology support for mixed and distance models.

– Animation
Script, storyboards, virtual sets, 2D and 3D animation for videos and videogames.

– Software development
Development of web applications, interactive, video games and mobile applications.
– Transmedia narratives
Design of narratives and scripts for videos, animations, video games, interactive, comics, board games and applications.