A 10-year Enovaer / October 2017

With the foundation of ENOVA, Edgar Rosas found his new home. Designer by profession, he joined the founding team to work in the design area with multiple responsibilities. Today, one of his biggest prides is witnessing the projects he started a decade ago concretized.

Because working in ENOVA also means learning, Edgar collaborated in different areas such as Web Design and Technology to become responsible for technical support service. His work is much more administrative.

“Being part of ENOVA is a great responsibility, pride and growth for me. It’s like my second home and my second family”, he says.  After 10 years Edgar feels proud to grow professionally in areas that were unknown to him.

Beyond his work in the corporation, Edgar has witnessed unique moments that impel him to continue working every day: a child who learned English through ENOVA programs and wrote a letter in that language to his teacher to thank him for his work; a young man who entered a program to learn computer skills. By this means he was inspired to finish high school and an online professional career.

These are the moments that make up the human part of ENOVA, which focuses on continuing the vision of improving the lives of people with education and that, led by its founders, reinforce the commitment to grow and touch the lives of more people.

For Edgar, today ENOVA is going through its best moments because during the first 10 years, the company has established the foundations that will help everyone to continue growing with all the Enovaers walking towards the same goal.