ENOVA at the First Education Fair / August 2017

In order to fulfill the offer of educational services and projects to young people, the Miguel Hidalgo municipality in Mexico City held the First Education Fair on August 11 and 12.

With more than 40 expositors, guidance and information was provided on programs and curricula for schools and universities.

Some educational services that complement formal education were also presented. Benefits of education: “This is a good way of benefiting from education, bringing it closer to people.

Education is the best tool to open up better opportunities for children and young people in Mexico City”,  said Gabriela Salido, executive director of Social Development in the Miguel Hidalgo Mexico City municipality. During this event, ENOVA rose awareness of the Content Factory, which designs learning products in digital format with a functional, interactive and high impact.

“ENOVA is a company with more than 10 years developing learning experiences and educational solutions. We created these solutions through the development of video games, educational software and interactive content in different areas for the benefit of thousands of people, “said Carlos Galán, content director of ENOVA.