ENOVA, an ally for Punto México Conectado / November 2017

In 2015, the Secretary of Communications and Transportation (SCT) inaugurated the Punto México Conectado centers, spaces destined for the digital inclusion of the population throughout the country.

The goal of the 32 centers, one in each Mexican state, is that anyone can be trained and can have access to digital education, learn about technology and apply it in their working life.

Some of its programs include the Digital Miscellany, where robotics courses for children, young adults and adults are given; the ABC Digital that teaches users to surf the internet and use programs such as Office. In addition, they have specialized courses, from English to personal finances.

Entrepreneurs can also benefit from this program, since there are courses to improve companies performance through the creation of new products and business plans.

Within the Punto México Conectado centers, the exhibition of art related to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is also promoted. The community can admire and also contribute to art.

ENOVA is one of the allies of Punto México Connected with the licensing of the educational management platform Mako® and 19 interactive courses. It also facilitates infrastructure technical support to the centers and the implementation of LMS (learning management system), along with fundamental collaborative tools for the operation of the project.