Project design

ENOVA has 10 years of experience developing integral educational projects based on technology where specific education and training needs can be met for all types of companies, institutions and government agencies.
The ENOVA methodology integrates:


Design of executive projects to meet specific teaching and learning needs, which consider the definition of the priority axes of the projects, the educational and operational models, as well as the technological and learning resources needed to generate the desired impact.

Incorporation of all the necessary elements for the execution of an integral executive project, such as:
– Selection of physical locations aligned with the project’s measurement criteria.

– Adaptation of physical spaces considering the target audience and the expected learning needs.
– Equipment of the spaces based on the objectives of the educational project
– Pre-operative services to guarantee the execution in time and form of the work schedules.

Administration, maintenance, monitoring, continuity, technical support, data analysis, generation of information and statistics for the application of evaluation metrics for the timely and successful execution of educational projects.

Continuous improvement
Analysis of indicators for the continuous evolution of the projects based on the impact objectives.

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