Educational Contents

ENOVA has a catalog of practical courses in the fields of basic and advanced digital skills, English, entrepreneurship and school support that have been shown to have an impact on those who have taken them.


– Digital ABC courses
Created to guide the students in their first approach with the use of the computer, internet and office package.


– Innovation offer
Design and programming of web and mobile applications, as well as the development of video games, audiovisual production and audio recording.


– Advanced technology courses
ENOVA has managed to create a high impact on the development of digital skills from the basic to the most advanced levels with practical courses that make up a complete learning path. Some are:



  • Blender: Animation
    • Blender: Introduction
    • Creation of apps
    • Creating with HTML and CCS
    • Creating with Javascript
    • English courses

They are programs of teaching English in a “blended” format aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference.



– Laboratories of technological innovation, programming and robotics.
They are equipped with specialized technology to stimulate the creation of projects.
Over 10 years we have achieved more than one million 587 thousand members, 942 thousand registered and 600 thousand graduates who have taken our courses in each of the competitions.