We celebrate our success during the half-year Town Hall meeting / August 2017

ENOVA has a transformative DNA and it was born with the intention of generating a different way of living education in Mexico. With this vision Raúl Maldonado, CEO & Product Strategist of ENOVA, held on 3rd August its half-year Town Hall meeting. Company achievements during the first six months of 2017 were highlighted.

“During the first semester of 2017 we achieved the growth objectives stated in our strategic planning, and for the first time we are speaking about our 2020 vision, with the intention to continue growing and become leaders in the EdTech industry. This will mean to be leaders in technology and to promote digitalization of education in Mexico and Latin America”, said Mr. Maldonado during the event.

He also spoke about technology paradigms and stated that ENOVA can make a transformation by supplying disruptive products and services. “A completely new model can be generated to influence other institutions to rise to that wave of change”, he said.


Making a stop on the road to review achievements is crucial for ENOVA and that is why this Town Hall was of pride and celebration as the goals are gradually being achieved

Human Resources Management: Integration of a Competency Model and the “Integra S3” environment for internal services in the area.

Finance Management: New business partners, better commercial conditions, increased profitability and continuous improvement in administrative and financial processes.

Commercial Management: New licensing of interactive courses and advances in the definition of new products and services.

Operational Coordination: New model for planning key results and information system for the semiannual performance evaluation.

Educational Technology Director: Four new systems, audit in production systems and participation in the creation of the Mexican Project Management Standard: Common Framework in Project Management.

Content management: A new production model. In addition the creation of multiplatform, multi-standard and multi-device courses, as well as the testing laboratory to validate interoperability.

Educational Operations Director: Increase in the number of beneficiaries of the Innovation and Learning Network (RIA) and in the Digital Library of the State of Mexico; training in internal processes and application of the Maker School prototype in a private school in Mexico City.

Additionally, for the first time, an internal acknowledgment was made of the outstanding contributions of Enovaers that as a team, established innovation and resource efficiency:

● Gregorio Carmona, Alonso Villalobos and Francisco Escandón, for their organizational commitment and teamworking.

● Víctor Landa, Marciano Añorbe, David Nieto, Omar Reyes, Bruno de la Cruz, Víctor Firo, Miguel Martínez and Juan Noguerón for equipping 10 Digital Library sites in a record time.

● Yesenia Hernández for the record time achieved in the instructional design of the Introduction to Programming course.

● Alejandro Jiménez for integrating for the first time the Maker experiences in a private school, through the new Makers School product. Commitment to the company and Integrity and respect for people were the most prominent organizational competencies, according to an internal survey. Together we can keep moving forward!

Congratulations to all Enovaers for the results obtained during the first semester of the year.