Celebrating the 10 years of ENOVA / October 2017

It is said easy, but in these 3,650 days of work at the head office of ENOVA, Raúl Maldonado, CEO & Product Strategist, talks about company’s growth and the importance of human force behind this transformation.”We have reached 1.6 million people during these 10 years.

We have touched their lives and, in some cases, we have transformed them. This is why our purpose becomes clearer and deeper. This is what makes us wake up every day to continue systematizing our offer, creating new courses and transforming and making Mexico grow”, he said in front of 140 employees during the ENOVA Town Hall Anniversary opening.


He also spoke about the essence of Enovaers and their contributions which give forward motion to the company founded in 2007.

“We are a team formed with people who want more and want to grow. We ambition to add many more years of sharing knowledge, reaching and integrating more people”, said Raul Maldonado who was appointed as the company’s CEO just last year.

In the celebration held at ENOVA facilities, located in the Roma neighborhood, co-founders Moís Cherem and Jorge Camil spoke about the importance of becoming agents of change.


“You can change yourself or even members of your family, but what we do in ENOVA is interesting because we are changing Mexico in a way that has a lot of leverage: we use forces like technology and an organization to make that massive change”, said Moís.

He stressed that 2% of the national population has been impacted by Enova products and its centers, and he called for continued action in favor of Mexico, combining two principles: effectiveness and dignity.

On the other hand, Jorge Camil talked about the relevance of the contributions made by the Enova staff towards Mexico’s education.


“We are a better version of ourselves thanks to this team. They have let us built a locomotive made in Mexico with Mexican talent and creativity. We feed this machine with love so that it continues moving despite any adversity”, said Jorge Camil.

He also thanked the collaboration of all the Enovaers and their integration to each area of work during the past 10 years.

“They are not here by accident; this is part of something bigger than us, and with open arms we will always embrace you”, he said..


In addition, together they acknowledged the work of all the staff that led to the company growth.

They thanked all Enovaers

During the celebration, Jorge Audirac, Director of Human Management, invited the Board to distribute the awards of 4, 6, 8 and 10 years of labor permanence at work.

4 years

1. Alejandra Cueva
2. Ariadna Márquez
3. Brenda Morales
4. Diana Carmona
5. Diego Rivera
6. Euler Sánchez
7. Francisco Escandón
8. Gabriela Nila
9. Isabel Baxin
10. José Antonio Cortez
11. José Raúl Zarco
12. Lindsay Ulloa
13. Luis Fernando Santos
14. Marco Vázquez
15. Martín García
16. Michell Ríos
17. Omar Reyes
18. Sugey Gama
19. Verónica Vallejo
20. Víctor Firo